Eye for Design: PC Video Game Review

Eye for Design is an excellent, very challenging point-and-click video game. The game itself is very addicting so be prepared to lose hours of real life for what feels like minutes of game play. The graphics are really adorable; it has a very cartoon feel to it. In Eye for Design you are a just out of school home designer, who is working her way to the top. There is a little helper guy to show you the ropes in the beginning and shows up periodically throughout the game. He is a short, little fellow with a French accent. Later in the game you find out more about him.
In each level you are given different clients to work for. Each client has a different idea of what they like as far as color, furniture and even lighting. Before you go into the house the clients will give little clues to unlock their favorite thing and you get a bonus room, after completing the one’s they want, that you design for them on your own. Some of the client’s requests are pretty simple, some are really out there and some are just finding through trial and error. In some of the later levels it seems almost impossible to please the client.

When you accept a job from a client in Eye for Design you are shown a room. Some rooms have old furniture in them, some are empty. On the left of the screen it has a list of what the client wants to have. After you click on the piece of furniture there will be green squares to highlight the areas that will allow that piece. It becomes like a puzzle, a furniture puzzle and if you get each piece right, with the right color combination, you get points. After you finish the room, the amount of points you received determine the color of trophy you acquire. There are bronze, silver, gold and platinum trophies to be won and if you get a bronze trophy you have to redo the entire room again. Nothing less than silver is accepted to get the reward room at the end.

After you complete a few clients’ homes you earn enough to decorate your own home. It starts out with only being able to complete one room, then the more points you earn with the clients, the more you earn for your place. Eye for Design is a great game for anyone. From the graphics to game play it promises to be hours of brain bending fun.