Designing a Cape Cod Style Bedroom

The Cape Cod style home architecture and design embodies the simplicity of a laid back lifestyle. It originated in the late 17th century in New England but it became very popular in the 1930’s – 1950’s. During that period Americans, especially the creative crowd of poets, artists and performers were looking for a way to take things slow and enjoy life. The Cape became a popular destination for vacationers and people would spend days in traveling to get there. The Cape Cod style home had a simple architecture with steep roof, a central chimney, a centrally located door giving it a symmetrical appearance.
The windows were multi-paned and shuttered. Natural building resources were scarce at that time in the Cape and it helped keep the homes small and simple. They were built for comfort all year round in the cold and windy Eastern Seaboard climate. This style became so popular that people started incorporating its architecture and design style when they build homes in other places far away from the ocean. Since then the Cape Cod style home has remained popular for its simplicity and quiet elegance. It has been able to hold its own among the many modern home design styles.

You will love to design your bedroom in the Cape Cod style. When you think of Cape Cod think of neutral colors, clean lines and curves that are simple or what is popularly considered “shabby chic”. One way to create a Cape Cod feel is to think of the colors of the beach and ocean: whites, sand, rosy pink and the blues. Imagine the experience of the seaside with the soaring seagulls, the shells on the beach, and the peace and tranquility of the sunset. But you need not limit yourself to those colors alone. Green and ivory will do just as well. Use sunrise yellow and cream sand if you like them.

When you think of Cape Cod style think of America in its simpler times and you will get your inspiration to design your bedroom. The idea is to splash these colors and texture around your bedroom with the use of accessories, accent fabrics and paint, to create a balanced, peaceful, harmonious and relaxed atmosphere. Both the casual and the elegant go well with the Cape Cod style bedroom. When it comes to furniture and couches the trick is to keep them neutral and add splashes of color with accessories like throws, decorative pillows, runners, etc.
Also the colors of the furniture should complement that of the bed. For example if your furniture is sage green the bed in ivory will give an authentic Cape Cod look. The secret of the Cape Cod look is to have furnishings in light and neutral color and accent them with bright colors in the rugs, curtains, drapes, nautical items and pictures placed on them. These can have various patterns like floral designs, stripes, prints, solids, etc. to draw the eye around the bedroom. The trick is not to overdo it but keep it simple and elegant avoiding chaos.

Another traditional feature of Cape Cod homes is a hardwood floor especially a painted one. Hardwood flooring can be expensive and you can reduce the cost by having a painted floor made of less expensive wood. If you cannot have a wooden floor then you can use throw rugs of different patterns. A sisal rug also gives a nice beach like feeling. Another way to enhance the Cape Cod look is to add crown molding which is not expensive and you can easily install it. Also white trim is a part of the Cape Cod tradition. If your walls are colored then you will get a nice effect by painting your cabinets, doors, mantel and inside trim with a glossy or semi gloss white paint. Another way is to add a trim of decorative wallpaper.

These are just some suggestions for designing your bedroom in Cape Cod style. Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to Cape Cod style. The more simple and elegant, the better.